Myths about PHP

Myths about PHP

In this article, we will focus on the four most interesting ones.

1. PHP programs are always unsafe

It is important to understand that the security of the application depends on the developer and his professional level, and poor code can be written in any programming language. But in the example of web applications, poor-quality code can lead not only to loss of performance, but also to security problems. Of course, sometimes vulnerabilities are also found at the core level of PHP, but the same thing happens with other languages.

2. PHP is slow

The issue of performance of any technology always causes heated discussions. Facebook, Wikipedia are building PHP applications of various sizes, and their speed can be EASILY APPRECIATED by any of our readers. At the same time, productivity improvement is always among the priority tasks of developers. For example, when switching from version 5.6 to 7, PHP performance increased from 15 to 20%. In the latest minor versions of the language, work on increasing the speed of code execution continues.

3. Technology X will soon supplant PHP

There are a lot of tools with which you can perform the same tasks as in PHP: JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C #, and so on. Each technology has its own fans and haters, with any of them you can write bad code or make masterpieces.

PHP has been popular for many years, and it runs the products of many large companies. This is good evidence that language is in demand and will be in demand for a long time to come. Here, of course, there is less excitement than in JavaScript frameworks, but PHP is at a mature stage of its development: EVOLUTION INSTEAD OF REVOLUTION. New versions regularly come out, frameworks develop, and the whole ecosystem as a whole grows.

4. Bad code is written in PHP

Bad code can be written in any programming language, and PHP is no exception. Getting started with PHP is easy. A novice programmer can easily solve many problems, but the code won’t be perfect. Remember: the QUALITY OF THE CODE primarily depends on the developer, his experience and skills. The more experienced he is, the more high-quality code he will write.

The second reason why PHP code is talked about is disgusting: this language was a pioneer among the tools for mass creation of web applications. The tasks that were solved using PHP were ahead of the development of the language, and this also led to the appearance of dirty hacks and not very good code.

Fortunately for all of us, those days are long gone, and a culture of writing GOOD CODE has emerged. Now we have style guides, coding standards, lenders, and other things that help you write well.

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